Physical Infrastructure

The institution has the physical infrastructure as per NCTE norms. The details of the physical infrastructure are given below. The institution is endowed with excellent facilities required for creating congenial academic atmosphere. The entire academic area has internet connectivity of a high band width. The institution has fax facility. The institution is providing Scanning, Printing and Photostat facilities to staff and students. The entire college is under the umbrella of intercom system.

Class-Rooms Seven class-rooms are there to conduct classes. They are well-ventilated, well-furnished, conductive and conducive to the process of education. The very location of the college is pollution free, very convenient to commuters. The details are given below for each class-room as per the building plan. .

Multipurpose Halls
Multipurpose halls in any academic institutions are like backbone. All congregational activities of the institution will be held in the multipurpose halls. The details of the multipurpose halls of the institution are given below:

Multipurpose Hall- I

The Dimensions of the multipurpose Hall-I are (60 x 30) feet with carpet area of 1800 sq. feet. It is well-equipped with suitable public address system and a big dias. The seating capacity of this hall is around 300. It is well-suitable to conduct functions. It is on the ground floor so that it is accessible even to old-age people.

Multi-purpose Hall- II

This multipurpose hall is recently constructed. It is a very big hall with a seating capacity around 500. It is on the 3rd floor.

The measurements of the multipurpose hall II are (90 feet X 30 feet) i.e. 2,880 sq.ft. It has a big dias equipped with necessary electrical fittings like fans and lights. In a short span of time, Public address system, air conditioning facility, LCD projection and other essential equipments will be arranged.

Library- cum- Reading Room
The institution has a very big and spacious library on the ground floor of the building. The measurements of the library are: (80 x 30) feet and the carpet area is 2,400 sq. ft. The library has a total of 9,650 books, 29 journals, 569 reference books, 6,483 titles, 25 Ph.D. theses, 07 M.Phil. dissertations and many M.Ed. dissertations. There are two wings: Student’s wing has 100 seating capacity and staff wing has 20 seating capacity. The library is organized by the library committee which looks after the issues relating to functioning and improvement of the library. The students and staff will have access to get the Photostat copies from the library just by paying the paper cost.

ICT Resource Center
The ICT resource center is situated on the 1st floor of the building. The physical measurements of the ICT Resource Center are (30 x 30) feet with carpet area of 900 sq ft. The ICT Resource Center is provided with 33 desktop systems, printer, scanner and all other allied equipment along with radio, tape-recorder, film-strip projector, slide-projectors, OHP’s, CD-players, digital camera and TV’s. The ICT Resource Center has 2 LCD projectors (movable). The ICT Resource Center is also equipped with a kit provided by the center for cultural resources and training (CCRT). Two faculty members were trained by the CCRT.

Curriculum Laboratory
The curriculum laboratory is situated on the 2nd floor with physical measurements as (24 x 36) feet. The carpet area is 864 sq ft. The main purpose of this lab is to fulfill the needs to transact curriculum into the class-room. Hence the curriculum lab has the following equipment

• Charts and models of all pedagogy subjects.
• Globe, atlas, maps etc.
• Improvised apparatus.
• Photographs of eminent educationists, mathematicians and scientists.
• Flannel board.

Art and Craft Resource Center
Art and Craft Resource Center of the institution is situated on the II floor of the building. The physical measurements are (30 x 30) feet with 900sq.ft. carpet area. This is a seat to enlighten the hidden talents especially in arts in student teachers. It consists of photographs of eminent musicians, flexies depicting different art forms like puppetry. There are many pictures revealing different dance forms like Kuchipudi, Bharat Natyam, Manipuri, etc. VCD’s and audio CD’s relating to folk art forms are compiled in the resource center. Around 60 books on art and culture are also in the resource center. Musical instruments like flute, Veena, Guitar, Mrudangam, Ghatam , Harmonium, Tabala, Symbols are there for the use of students.

Mechanical tools like chisels, Vice, wrenches, cutting-pliers, hammers, nail-prickers, saws, screw-drivers, crow-bars, spades, grass-cutters, tree cutters are all in the resource center to improve the craftsmanship among the students.

Health and Physical Education Resource Center: (Including Yoga Education)
The Health and Physical Education resource center is situated on the III floor of the building with measurements (20 x 30) feet with a carpet area of 600 sq.ft.

The institution profoundly believes in the adage, ‘A sound mind in a sound body’. Hence the institution gives much weightage to physical education. The resource center is organized by well qualified physical director. It has equipment to play games like volley-ball, basket-ball, cricket, carrom, chess, throw-ball, ball-badminton, shuttle badminton, tennicoit etc. The institutional complex managed by NES is endowed with an excellent gymnasium and a mini stadium to play cricket. The sports complex is associated with women cricket academy of BCCI. An indoor shuttle badminton court is also there in the complex. Health dispensary is functioning in the complex. Periodic yoga classes will be organized by expert yoga practitioners’ to our trainee teachers.

Principal’s Office
The principal’s office is situated on the I floor of the building. The physical measurements are (30 X 12) feet with a carpet area of 360 sq.ft. The principal’s room is well furnished and suitable to the smooth functioning of the academic activities. The room is spacious enough to conduct staff-meetings and to entertain visitors. The room is well-equipped with a computer, internet, printers, scanner, Xerox, file storage devices. The principal’s chamber is air-conditioned and attached with a wash-room.

It has a chamber and the office staff of the institution functions there. It has two computers with internet, printers, scanners, almirahs, etc.

Staff Room
The staff room is situated on the ground floor of the building. The measurements of this room arev(20 x 30) feet with a carpet area of 600 sq ft. The staffroom is well furnished with tables, chairs, almirahs, and computer with internet facility and intercom. It has an attached washroom and a washbasin. This staffroom is spacious to conduct staff-gatherings.

Administrative Office and Secretary’s Chamber
The institution is established by Nagarjuna Education Society (NES) which is being established by philanthropists who have a clear vision of the nation. The NES planted and is successfully running eight institutions. Our institution is one among them. The administrative office of NES is currently running in the city center of RVR & JC College of Engineering. The administrative office is on the ground floor of city center. It has a hall with seating capacity of 200 to conduct meetings, elections, gatherings, future plans etc.

Secretary’s Chamber
The institution secretary’s chamber is situated on the ground floor of the building of the institution. The physical measurements of the room are (20 x 30) feet with a carpet area of 600 sq ft. It is a well-furnished air-conditioned chamber having facilities like computer with internet, printer. This chamber is used for staff-meetings, gatherings and other administrative purposes.

Common Room for Girls
The institution has separate common rooms for both boys and girls. The girls’ common room is situated on the ground floor of the building. The physical measurements of the room are: (10 x 30) feet with a carpet area of 300sft. The girls common room has benches, chairs, necessary electrical fixtures, almirah with an attached washroom. The girls can spend their leisure time and can have their lunch in it.

Common Room for Boys
The institution has a common room for boys on the III floor of the building with measurements (10 x 30) feet; with carpet area of 300 sq.ft. The boys’ common room has benches, chairs for their use.

Research Room
The institution is an approved Research Centre in Education of Acharya Nagarjuna University. The institution has provided a separate room in the ground floor of the building for research scholars in Education. The room is provided with the needed facilities for the use of scholars and research guides which include a multimedia computer with internet and intercom facilities.

Visitor’s Room
The institution has a visitor’s room which is situated on the ground floor of the building. The room is furnished with chairs, electrical fixtures and with an attached wash-room.

Seminar Room
The institution has a multipurpose air conditioned theatre on II floor of the main building and the physical measurements are 50 x 30 with a carpet area of 1500 sq.ft. The multipurpose air conditioned theatre has the dias, public address system, computer with internet facility, LCD Projector and a screen with measurement of 20 x 8 size.

Details of Toilet Facilities
The institution has separate toilet facilities for female and male students, staff, office administrative staff and also for visitors. The girl students have separate toilets at ground floor, first floor, second floor and third floor i.e., in all the floors.

The male students have a separate block on the ground floor and in the third floor.

The principal’s chamber, the correspondent’s chamber and the staff room and science laboratory are attached with separate wash rooms.

Parking Space
The institution has parking place for both four wheeler and two wheeler separately for staff and students.

Store Rooms
The institution has three store rooms to keep the records and other reusables in the first floor and in the second floor. There are two rooms with measurements of 12 x 8 with a carpet area 96 sq.ft. which comes all together to192 sq.ft. The third store room is on the first floor linked to F5 classroom with around 140 sq ft carpet area. Important documents are used to store in this store room.

Multipurpose Playfields
The institution has two multipurpose play fields shared with two other sister concerned institutions. The field in the J.K.C College has cricket stadium, basket ball courts, volley ball court and an indoor shuttle court. The other one in Dr. K.L.P. Public School has a field mainly used for track and field events and also used for football.

Safeguard against fire hazards
The institution is equipped with standard fire extinguishing equipment and has a water tank with 40,000 liters capacity on top of the building and water pipes running through the building. Different fire extinguishers with grades (A, B, C, D) are fitted on all walls of the building. It is also fitted with alarm system throughout the building. The institution has a fire certificate issued by A.P. Fire Department.

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