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Before 1967, there were only three colleges in Guntur town to serve the need of higher education in Guntur district. Realising the need of education, students were coming in large number from rural areas to pursue the collegiate education in Guntur town. The three colleges that were existing in those days used to have a good demand and they could not provide opportunity for many students. Under these circumstances the philanthropists of Guntur town met on several occasions to discuss the problem. One such meeting was held on November7, 1967 on the premises of Kamma hostel, sponsored by the Kamma Vidyardhi Sahaya Sangham. Decision was taken to start an Education Society and to name it after the Saint Nagarjuna. That is how the Nagarjuna Education Society came into existence. Many prominent citizens from all sections of the society were present at the meeting. Some of the prominent persons are 1. Late Sri Jagarlamudi Chandramouli 2. Sri Chebrolu Hanumaiah 3. Sri Y.K.S. Prakasha Rao 4. Dr. Kasaraneni Sadasiva Rao 5. Sri Vidwan Gogineni Kanakaiah 6. Dr. Kondabolu Basavapunnaiah 7. Sri Gorijavolu Venkata Ramaiah 8. Sri Mangaldas Thakar (CTC), 9. Haji Suleman Khan 10. Sri Maddi Venkata Ratnam 11. Sri Anne Sanjeevaiah 12. Nannapaneni Veeraiah Chowdary 13. Sri Daruvuri Veeraiah Chowdary 14. Kurapati Veeraiah.

In this process, another meeting was held in the month of February, 1967 in Hari Hara Mahal Theatre and took a decision to start an Arts and Science College in the name of great philanthropic gaint Late Sri Jagarlamudi Kuppuswamy Chowdary. The bye-laws of the Society were drafted with a non-profit making policy with a mission to encourage higher education among the rural community. Late Sri Nannapaneni Veeraiah Chowdari took the responsibility of drafting the constitution of N.E.S. An adhoc executive was formed for the first five years.

1. President  Sri Jagarlamudi Chandramouli
2. Vice-President   Sri Chebrolu Hanumaiah
3. Secretary  Dr.Kasaraneni Sadasiva Rao
4. Treasurer  Sri Y.K.S. Prakasha Rao
5. Additional Secretary Vidwan Sri Gogineni Kanakaiah
6. Joint-Secretary Sri Nannapaneni Veeraiah Chowdary

The society grew slowly and steadily in all dimensions as per the expectations of the management. In course of time, it could sponsor the
following eight educational institutions

1.Sri Jagarlamudi Kuppuswamy Chowdary College-1968
(Munificient donation given by Sri Jagarlamudi Chandramouli brothers and their family members).

2. Sri Gurukula Vidyavanam Residential High school,Perecharla-1968
(The sick institution taken over by society at the request of the then management.).

3.Sri Rayapati Venkata Ranga Rao College of Education-1983.
(Munificient donation given by Sri Vidwan Gogineni Kanakaiah and Sri Rayapati Sambasiva Rao, M.P. Guntur from Sri Jaya Lakshmi Tobacco Company).

4. Dr. Kondabolu Laxmi Prasad Public School -1983.
(Munificient donation given by Dr.Kondabolu Basavapunniah and matching collection from the friends and well-wishers).

5.Sri Rayapati Venkata Ranga Rao and Jagarlamudi College of Engineering-1985
(Munificient donation given by Sri Rayapati Samba Siva Rao (Member of Parliament),  Jayalakshmi Charitable Trust, Tanuku.

6. Jagarlamudi Chandramouli College of Law-1992.
(Munificient donation given by Jayalakshmi Charitable Trust, Tanuku and also    contribution from the staff members of J.K.C College.)

7.Sri Chebrolu Hanumaiah Institution of Pharmaceutical Science CHIPS-2005
(Munificient donation given by Sri Chebrolu Narendra Nath).

8.Nagarjuna Education Society College of Nursing-2006
(Munificient donation from Smt. Madala Sakuntala,Jana Chaitanya Group).

9.Jana Siksha Samastan (J.S.S) was granted to N.E.S by Human Resource Development Ministry, Government of India.

Each of the above institutions of learning has separate secretary and correspondent with a separate bank account, though the president is common to all the institutions.
In those days, there was no B.Ed college. Our college came into existence with the persistent and constant persuasion of Sri Vidwan Gogineni Kanakaiah garu to have B.Ed College in open category.

Executive Committee
1.  President Sri Jagarlamudi Chandramouli
2. Vice-President   Dr.Kasarneni Sada Siva Rao
3. Secretary  Sri Paladugu Lakshmana Rao
4. Treasurer  Vidwan Gogineni Kanakaiah
5. Additional Secretary Dr.Kondabolu Basavapunniaah
6. Joint-Secretary Dr. Maddineni Gopalakrishna

The college was granted permission by the state Government on 6'th October, 1983, but college started functioning from January, 1984.
The original thinking was to have its own building at Perecharla in an area of 9 acres, where we have a Telugu Medium High school with state syllabus. Later the idea was changed because of distant location and for the benefit  of the staff, students, parents and  then requested the management of S.P.S High school to start the college on campus of the school. They were kind enough in giving their consent to locate the B .Ed college from 1984 to 1988. Due to the increase of the student's strength of S.P.S high school, they were forced to ask our management to find an alternative place for B.Ed college.
Then a decision was taken to have a separate campus on the south-west corner side of J.K.C college play ground. The foundation stone was laid by Sri Jagarlamudi Chandramouli garu. Then onwards, the college has been growing strength to strength both physically and academically, with excellent academic result and good disciplines under supervision of secretaries and correspondents, namely
1. Sri  Paladugu Lakshmana Rao
2. Dr. Rayapati Srinivas
3. Sri Gadde Mangaiah (present secretary)

In establishing adequate infrastructure in the form of buildings, laboratories, library etc., today the college stands as one the few best institutes in Andhra Pradesh. The institution has been paying reasonably good salaries from the year of inspection to all employees. The students of our college have been spread all-over the state by occupying distinguishing positions and status.

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